Sunday, July 6, 2014

World Cup Champion

World Cup fever is in full swing. Now that final four are left, everyone is in prediction mode. Picking up a champion - whether it is your home team, or your favorite, or just the one you have bet on, or it is the team you dislike...whatever is the case getting correct pick is now one in a four chance.

Matches in group stage were tough to predict as few ended in a draw. In knockout stage and onwards it should be more straightforward as only winner moves ahead. Since, the start of World Cup there were so many tools available to pick a champion. Here are few of them:
  • Your Gut – Yes that is right. You will be amazed how many times your gut feeling has predicted correctly about any event in your life. Only if you have kept a record of it – you might have discovered that it is the cheapest and most accurate of tool you have access to. What makes your gut so precise. Well, for that you need to take class in biology.
  • Your Local Zoo – I know you never thought of that. However, I am sure you have heard of celebrity pandas, camels, turtles, canaries, and many others predicting the winner. Obviously, you do not have access to those celebrities. So, just visit your local zoo. Pick up the animal of your choice and let them pick a winner. How, you may ask? Well that is easy. Hold the name of one team in your left hand while the other team in your right hand. If the animal of your choice turns to your left hand first then that is the winner otherwise the team in your right hand is the winner.
  • Your Personal Psychic – I am sure you have consulted one in your life. Whether in form of that aunt of yours who knows palmistry, or your family astrologer who has guided your family through tough times by showing them the light at the end of tunnel; or your own favorite search engine when you needed to seek advice online. Knowing that a retrograde Mars,Jupiter or Saturn is the reason you lost the bet is a good escape to put a blame on the heavens above. Although, consulting your psychic could cost you a piece of your savings account.
  • Your Crystal Ball – In case you are like me who believes in do it yourself – then just buy a crystal ball. This will be cheaper than putting your savings in the hands of a mystery reader. Pick up the winner in your mind. Then look into the crystal ball. If you see your shadow in the crystal ball then your pick will loose if you see something else then your pick will be a winner. 
  • Your Las Vegas Trip – If you have not taken one, now is the time to visit Las Vegas. Every casino offers betting on sports. All you need to do is pack your gear and camp yourself on one of the non-smoking seat – or smoking if your prefer to burn your lungs away. Once seated in your lucky chair, make the bets and stare the giant screens for results.
  • Your Online Betting Company – Considering that multitude of web sites offer online betting, you can save the money from that Las Vegas trip to gamble online. Additionally, online also offer you opportunity to check what others are betting at – in case you like to follow the herd. Just keep in mind that most of these companies are off shore so if you need to prove to Tax Man then you will get yourself a trip to this off shore nation either personally or in your dreams (if Tax Man is not convinced and puts you in a prison).
  • Your Wallet – Assuming that you carry a coin in your wallet, this is the easiest tool to use. Just flip the coin, if it lands head then your favorite team is winner if tails then your disliked team is the winner. The reason it is easiest tool is because it will save all that constipation and acid reflux you will get had you used your gut. Or, it will save that long trip and ticket costs to your local zoo had you decided to visit it. Even more it will keep your wallet happy as you will save money by not using rest of the tools above.
All these tools at our disposal make predicting the champion fun. For instance I have 37 out of 50 correct so far. For me the first tool works and when in doubt I use the last tool. Happy predicting...May the most vetted one loose...

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